"We wish to express our deep, heart-filled gratitude to you for the many hours you spent with Mom this final year of her life.  Your skill, knowledge, and compassion are of the highest standards.  Your support for us as a family has been unmeasurable as we walked this journey together... through the laughter, memories, stories, pain, losses and love.  You were one of the few people she really trusted in these last months when life was so difficult for her.  You offered her a space of comfort in times of fear, pain, anger, and frustration.  You are a special gift to us that we will always remember!"

"You have been fantastic on this journey with us.  So glad to have you in our lives; such a blessing"

"It feels like thank-you just doesn't cut it!  You provided exceptional care and companionship to my Mother."

"A deep bow and thanks to you, for the innumerable acts of loving kindness, tenderness and presence, you showered on Mom. All of the extras you have done and said, your faithfulness to accompany her, and us on the passing over journey.  These past weeks were made bearable because of your wisdom and heart!"